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Amara Tan Patterned Tray

Rs. 1,899.00 Rs. 1,329.30

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The clean & save lines of this Tan finish hexagonal patterned serving tray make it an elegant addition for any living space. It's elegant tan finish makes it the perfect mix of design and usability. The sturdy handles make it a great serving tray & works well to serve any items you may desire, or as a paper tray.


  1. Please use soft/dry cloth to clean
  2. Avoid wash with water
  3. Material- PU Leather
  4. Finish- Tan

Big Size- Length- 12", Width- 12", Height- 1"

Small Size- Length- 10", Width- 10", Height- 1"

Delivery- This product will be delivered within 7-8 working days.